LITerally Ep. 2 - Alison McLennan


In this podcast, we dive into Alison McLennan's mind, and it's a cool place be. We begin with her short story that feeds her new, forthcoming novel Ophelia's War: The Secret Story of a Mormon Turned MadamAlison, who, with her writing and within her discussion of writing, touches on ideas that are embedded in global, human shared consciousness. It's a super cool interview! Alison is spectacular, and her book is too!

You'll love this discussion.

Alison L. McLennan is a native of Quincy, Massachusetts. She earned a BA from the University of Utah and an MFA from the Solstice program of Pine Manor College where she was awarded the first Dennis Lehane Fellowship for Fiction. Her second novel, Ophelia's War: The Secret Story of a Mormon Turned Madam, is forthcoming from Five Star Publishing Gale-Cengage Learning in 2016. Her first novel, Falling for Johnny, won Honorable Mentions in the 2012 Utah Original Writing Competition and the 2013 Inkubate Literary Blockbuster Challenge, where it was identified as a 'literary page-turner'. Called "A dark, violent story with heart" by Kirkus Reviews.

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