Van Sessions 2.2 - Mathew Lanier

"It's like quitting smoking," said Mathew Lanier of giving up Facebook. "I have so much more free time." But, how does a musician market gigs without social media? Lanier reverted to a slightly older way of communicating with friends, and claims it's working even better! 

Influenced by Michael Bublé and Sam Cooke, with a toes in the sand vibe and emotionally based writing process, Lanier's music sounded perfect in #TanVan during Ogden's First Friday Art Stroll. 

The Navy is gaining one fine musician soon. We had a blast chatting with Lanier and listening to his amazing songs! Find more Mathew Lanier on ReverbNation

Set List

  • Track 1 - Post Office
  • Track 2 - I’m Not Him
  • Track 3 - No If Ands or Buts
  • Track 4 - Hey You
Brandon LongComment