Van Sessions - Addyson Lynne LIVE from Ogden Arts Festival

In this special presentation of #VanSessions LIVE from the Ogden Arts Festival, we get to know Addyson Lynne. We reached out to David Owen of Imagine Music for a suggestion on a budding artist to play in #TanVan. David suggested Addyson who's only been playing guitar for a year and a half, but held her own during her Elle King cover of Can't Be Loved

We chatted about the song writing process, social media, the importance of family support, and the biggest stage she's dreamed of playing. We were honored to host #VanSessions at this year's Ogden Arts Festival, and stoked to bring our listeners a taste of the up-and-coming talented Addyson Lynne. 

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Set List:

  • 1:47 - That's What You Do
  • 10:23 - Can't Be Loved - Elle King Cover
  • 18:43 - I'd Like You to Stay
  • 27:08 - Holding On
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