MGN Show - Ogden Pub Runners

Ogden Pub Runners at The Barrel House

This episode of Mr. Goodyear’s Neighborhood brings us to the basement of Ogden’s Century Club, The Barrel House.  It was here we caught up with the Ogden Pub Runners before their weekly 3 mile group run.  It’s like the best set-up to a story ever: Two guys walk into a bar with microphones and a recorder to discover 40 beer drinkers dressed in spandex, shorty-shorts and running shoes.  The best part is this bar was once a ‘gentleman’s club,’ but who knew the space would work better as a warm-up facility for a gaggle of drinkers with a running problem.  This is going to be good!

Episodes of MGN can run well over an hour, but at 35 minutes, our interview with the Ogden Pub Runners is like the 3-minute punk rock song on your iPod loaded with 20-minute Grateful Dead jams.  But just like a good Ramones tune, we got a lot of great information in our short amount of time with the Ogden Pub Runners.  As such, we learn the OPR’s have an ‘open pub relationship’ with bars all across town, stimulating our local economy with every group run week after week.  Ogden loves to ride its bikes, but it’s the City’s runners who pay the bills…#OgdenRuns

Many of the Ogden Pub Runners are running the Ogden Marathon or half marathon this weekend, while others are content with their weekly 3 mile jog and pint of their favorite pale ale after.  Everybody is welcome in the OPR world…Well, everybody 21 years of age or older with a valid drivers license and an open mind.  It’s amazing how this group of tax accountants, court clerks, IT professionals and public speakers have all rallied around a super-hero cape. 

Sitting on that little couch in the sex-smelling basement drinking beer with our kind of people will forever be a classic podcast in The Banyan Collective catalog.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  Cheers!

Brandon LongComment