Van Sessions 2.3 - Melody Pulsipher

Van Sessions 2.3 with Melody Pulispher.

We first heard Melody when she rocked #VanSessions in the Spring. Unfortunately, her session along with three others were lost when the Banyan hard drive broke. We have them stored, there is just no way of recovering them without spending thousands. So, we invited Melody back for round two which was even better!

Like all famous rock stars, Melody began singing in Assisted Living Centers in Logan, Utah. Melody has since released 3 solo albums, toured 8 times, and won Best of State for Individual Artist two years in a row!

Follow Melody's music career at

Check out Melody's other website designed to put a smile on your face and make you happy,

Set List

  • 1:50 - Lie to Me
  • 13:30 - Burn it Down
  • 23:03 - Bird in a Cage
  • 35:44 - House of the Rising Sun, Animals Cove
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