Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood - Brian Nicholson

Here's the first ever Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood podcast! John Wojciechowski chose to base the podcast off the book "I Am Ogden," produced by local photographer Brian Nicholson. 

Now Rereleased under The Banyan Collective. 

Original Copy Excerpt Posted 1.31.14 on The Striders Running Blog:

Episode 1 of Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood is in the books, or on the airwaves I should say. It was a pleasure and an honor to sit down with Ogden's own Brian Nicholson. We discussed the art of photography, 'selfies,' The Great Wall of China, the Utah Grand Slam, the Denver Broncos and his community portrait book 'I Am Ogden.' As you'll hear, Brian is very engaging and entertaining to listen to; we could have gone on for hours.  Thanks, Brian.

Huge hugs and kisses need to go out to my daughter, Jessica, for mixing the lead-in music for the show...Well, Jess is too old for hugs and kisses from her Dad anymore (boo), so I'll just say 'thank you and I love you!' 

We hope you enjoy the show...