Nine Rails Arts Podcast Ep. 11 - Laying Tracks for the Transcontinental Sesquicentennial Celebration

This episode includes an interview with Sara Toliver, CEO & President of Visit Ogden and Kim Bowsher, Director of Ogden Downtown Alliance.

Sara & Kim are helping to lay the tracks for the 2019 Transcontinental Railroad Sesquicentennial Celebration.

With the connection of the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific, along with other rail lines that went north and south of Ogden in the following years, Ogden was designated in 1874 as the junction location of the two railroad companies, earning it the nickname “Junction City.”

150 year's later, Ogden is celebrating this iconic event that with a reenactment of two steam locomotives meeting at Promontory Summit and the Ogden Union Station.

This week we leave you with a little something from our Van Sessions archives: Naomi Harlan with her song, "The Wild Wild West."

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