Interview: Nico Parco - Aid Worker, Rock Climber, Family Man

Ogden native, Nico Parkinson (Nico Parco), at Slackwater Pizza on the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show.

Ebola, rock climbing, and diamond hunting are subjects we covered with Ogden native and expat Nicholas Parkinson (Nico Parco). Back in Utah after living and working in Liberia, Ethiopia, and Chili, Nico and his new family shared their experiences living abroad.

Nico, a long-time climber, talked about bolting new routes in Ethiopia dispelling the Western perception that Ethiopia is a flat desert. Here is a link to Nico's Rock & Ice article "Building Ethiopia's Potential: Rock Climbing Near Addis Ababa."

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This was a fascinating interview covering exotic topics and adventure. From catching malaria while diamond hunting, to raising a newborn in the infamous Ebola outbreak village, and potential first ascent walls containing painted on spirits, Nico's African exploits are definitely worth a listen.