Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 186 - Fat Bikes and Beards

Shane Osguthorpe with Visit Ogden and Nic Mahoskey, World Beard & Mustache Champion

Interview: Shane Osguthorpe – Visit Ogden: Fat Bike National Championships

Shane Osguthorpe - Visit Ogden

Interview:  Nic Mahoskey – World Beard and Mustache Champion

  • Qualifications?
  • Voting Panel  - How is it decided?
  • Drug Testing?
  • Beard Supplements – Diet
  • Celebrity Status?

Nic Mahoskey, World Beard & Mustache Champion

Early February Fly Fishing on the Ogden River directly behind Slackwater Pizzeria

Quote of the week: “You call it facial hair. I call it awesomeness escaping through my face.” – bearderdgospelmen.net

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Outdoor Jukebox: Imagine Dragons "I Bet My Life"

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