Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 193 - Roosters Brewing Co. & Power Practical

Kym Buttschardt Owner - Roosters Brewing Co. and Matt Ford CEO of Power Practical

Celebrating 20 years in the restaurant and brewing industry, Kym Buttschardt sat down with us to chat about starting Roosters Brewing Co., restaurant week, and their emphasis of always putting community first.

"PowerPot inventors | Shark Tank Survivors | A Mark Cuban Company," reads the copy on the PowerPractical website. We spoke with PowerPractical CEO, and Ogden raised Matt Ford about being recruited for Shark Tank, the practical use of the PowerPot, Utah's solid entrepreneur climate, and the power of crowd funding.

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QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “I would consider life not worth living if there weren’t some form of challenge of a physical nature. It’s just what I’ve always done since I can remember, and it would be pointless existing without a challenge.” - Sir Ranulph Fiennes

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