Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 203 - Bike Collective, Farmers Market

Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show with Clint Watson (Ogden Bike Collective) and Dan Musgrave (Ogden Farmers Market | Ogden Downtown Inc.)

2 interviews for the price of one on this week's Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show! We welcome Clint Watson with the Ogden Bicycle Collective as well as Dan Musgrave with the Ogden Farmers Market part of Downtown Ogden Inc., two non-profits performing the kind of service that makes Ogden the best damn town around. Upcoming events, adventure news, Meow Meow Tweet, and more. Enjoy!

INTERVIEW: Clint Watson – Director of the Ogden Bicycle Collective

  • Grand Opening – how did it go?
  • Mission?
  • Volunteers – Get Involved
  • Donations
  • Classes – Other upcoming Calendar Items
  • Involvement with the City and the push to ensure Ogden is bike friendly?
  • Best road course in Ogden – Best trail ride in Ogden
  • Either OR
    • Sunrise or Sunset Ride?
    • Post ride Refresher – Beer or Tang
    • Non Bike Activity – Mud wrestling or strongest man competition
    • Tour de France or Tour of Utah

 INTERVIEW: Dan Musgrave – Downtown Ogden Inc.

 "To act as Advocate and Catalyst for the Downtown Business Community for Promotion, Beautification, Business Attraction and Retention, in a Safe Environment"

  • How does Downtown Ogden Inc. help attain the mission
  • Success of Farmers Market
  • The success of local biz?
  • What is the attraction for businesses to come to Ogden
  • Safety?
  • Rodeo Involvement



 “Great minds have purposes, others have wishes.” – Washington Irving       

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