Daniel Fox - The Wild Image Project

Photographer, Explorer, and Story Teller, Daniel Fox, arrived at Powder just hours before our visit, and joined us for a hike. Daniel described during the podcast how the corporate world was like selling his soul, motivating him to chase his innate exploration of nature. Daniel is the first to tell you, pursuing your dreams is a long, hard journey with a high failure rate, but after 6 years developing the Wild Image Project, Daniel has positioned himself as a desired artist and well respected wildlife photographer.

Daniel is spending two weeks in the Powder Mountain backcountry seeking answers to the questions,"If a mountain could speak, what would it say? If its trees could show you what they know, what would it look like? If the animals could share their stories, what would you listen too?"

See Daniels work and dive into his philosophies through his blog here: http://www.wildimageproject.com/

We thoroughly enjoyed our morning of exploration, inspiration, and conversation about the arts and how connecting with nature plays such a vital role to the human condition.

Brandon LongComment