J.T. Robinson - Former Pro Telemark Skier, Entrepreneur, Ogden Local

J.T. Robinson - Former Professional Telemark Skier

When it came time to choose between starting a new gig at Merrill Lynch, or hustling as a young professional telemark skier, J.T. Robinson chose the latter. Full of confidence, talent, and ingenuity, Robinson carved out a 10-year career on tele's before the 'AT Revolution' and a significant injury forced him to consider a career change.

Now, Robinson is busy building Vertical Integration, a unique content creation company that will soon begin offering guiding services. You'll find Robinson rounding out his skill sets on his mountain bike and maybe soon on a standup paddle-board. A wealth of knowledge and a badass backcountry skier, we enjoyed getting to know this former Wisconsin moguls slayer-turned feelheel dominator, and now Ogden, Utah advocate.

Follow J.T. Robinson on Instagram here: @j.t._robinson

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