Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 284 - EU4Sports Clusters Alliance Trade Mission to Ogden

Representatives from the EU4Sports Cluster Alliance Trade Mission at Amer Sports in Ogden Utah. Image via Bryan Butterfield

Interviews with representatives from the EU4 Sports Clusters Alliance Trade Mission. 

We had a blast hanging out and interviewing representatives from the EU4Sports Clusters Alliance Trade Mission. 

Companies/Clusters interviewed include: SNOOC SkiBaouw Organic NutritionMade in la FranceSkitude AppsAlpim & Co., Bike ValleyGP Smart Stadium, and Inuteq

After a successful visit, the City of Ogden signed an agreement with 20 cluster organizations participating in the EU4Sports Clusters Alliance creating an official partnership aimed at growing the area's outdoor industry. This is good. 

Interview Breakdown: 

Nice work Ogden! And, Thank you EU4Sports Cluster Alliance for visiting our lil' mountain town, and hanging out with us for a few days. Cheers!

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