OOA Interview - Kasey LaRose, Ogden Film Festival

Ogden Outdoor Adventure Interview with Kasey LaRose of Circa3 and the 2nd Annual Ogden Film Festival

The 2018 Ogden Film Festival is Friday, June 1st, at Peery's Egyptian Theater. Tickets are only $10 for 15 films including local submissions along with international submissions from Hungary and Belize. Film Q&A's with actors and directors include "Up to Snuff" Producer / Director, Mark Maxey.

We chat with Kasey about Friday Light Nights as one of the best television shows of all time, review Solo, Kasey's Coming of Age preferences, and of course, this year's Film Fest. Also, shout-out to Tyler Cahoon who video'd the interview on the Ogden Film Festival Instagram Page. Check it!

Outro song via Kendrick Zane as recorded during the latest #VanSessions episode. Full podcast here.


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