Art + Action Panel Discussion - "The Future of Creativity"

Panelists left to right: Alicia Washington, Matt Choberka, Todd Oberndorfer, Aydika James, Mike Cline

Art+Action is a series of workshops, lectures, discussions and gatherings focused on putting creativity into motion.

Special thanks to Ogden City Arts (Lori Buckley), National Endowment for the Arts, Union Creative Agency (Jake McIntire), Weber State UniversityGood Company Theatre (Alicia Washington), Secret Samurai Productions (Aydika James, Mike Cline) and The Banyan Collective (Brandon Long, Todd Oberndorfer).

A panel discussion with five creative thought leaders. Each of the panelists have made major contributions to their fields and has found exciting ways to use creativity as a positive force for change locally, nationally, and globally. Discussed the amazing projects and actions they have taken to make the world and our community a better place. Together with the audience, the panelists explored what it means to be a creative professional and what the role of creativity will/can be in our future.

"For me, creativity is a way of approaching the world. I don’t see it as being associated with the Arts alone, although it certainly CAN, and is reflected in the lives of the Creative Professionals in front of you. I think its more about confidently saying “I don’t know” and being open to a million possible answers. I think creativity needs to be constantly challenged. And that constant, daily challenge is what brings a lifetime of adventure.” - Todd Oberndorfer

Todd Oberndorfer, Panel Discussion Moderator > Founding member of The Banyan Collective, an Ogden-based media company that creates and produces podcasts and local events. Co-host of the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show, an Outdoors news and events podcast started in 2010. Outreach Manager and Advisor at Weber State’s Department of Visual Art & Design. And, a few night’s a month, your Server/Beer Guide at Slackwater Pizza and Pub.

Alicia Washington >  Co-founder and Co-director of Good Company Theatre. The mission of Good Company Theatre echos her own views on theatre: To develop and promote high-quality, eclectic theatrical productions and events, forging new relationships between audiences, performers and spaces in the process.

 Matthew Choberka >  Accomplished artist, Department Chair and Professor of Art at Weber State’s Department of Visual Art & Design. 2016 Visual Arts Honoree for the the Ogden City Mayor's Awards in the Arts.

 Aydika James > Owner, Producer, Creative Director at Secret Samurai Productionsan art production and solutions engineering team that produces ‘engagement art’ installations across all spectrums.

Mike Cline > Founder of Tech Guys Who Get Marketing and Engineer at Secret Samurai Productions. Aydika James and Mike Cline like to make “weird, wacky, impossible stuff that solves complex challenges”. They use the power of play to create ‘engagement art’ playgrounds to spark stranger-to-stranger connections, collaboration and change”. In May of this year, backed by Sir Richard Branson, they lead a group of artists, environmentalists, entrepreneurs and locals in saving a World War II ship by repurposing it into an eye-catching artificial reef — called the British Virgin Islands Art Reef — complete with a massive 85-foot Kraken sculpture guarding its sunken deck.

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