Van Sessions - Sweet Biscuits

Them's some Sweet Biscuits in that thur van. 

With a LOVE themed set, Sweet Biscuits brought their lively acoustic flair to Van Sessions. We had a blast getting cozy with this 3-piece band as we chatted about plural marriage, a sea sick honeymoon, and secret prayers about bass players falling dead... Remember, it's all about the love. 

Sweet Biscuits provided us with four songs for your listening pleasure including a little Bowie remix. Put your arm around someone you love, shove copious amounts of chocolate in your mouth, or simply pour a full glass of Merlot, and soak in the Valentine appreciation that is Sweet Biscuits!  Feel the love...

Song Playlist

  • 2:38 - Let My Love Open The Door
  • 8:27 - Sailing On
  • 15:11 - Bye Bye Blackbird/David Bowie Remix
  • 22:42 - Coyote

Brandon LongComment