Van Sessions - Mojave Nomads

From forming the band, to what's behind the name, and the infamous "cookies down" incident, Mojave Nomads joined us in #TanVan for an acoustic alternative set. Inspired by Hip Hop, Portugal. the Man, Queens of the Stone Age, and Cage The Elephant, Mojave Nomads brings their unique sound to #VanSessions. We learn what "street-teaming" is, how the band collaborates on songs, and what's more important, the lyrics or the melody?

Download Mojave Nomad's EP: Black Sheep

Set List 

  • 2:00 - Fast Song
  • 8:10 - BTC
  • 17:35 - Morning Glory
  • 26:35 - Heavy

Mojave Nomads plays often at Velour in Provo. Owner of Velour, Corey Fox, launched Imagine Dragons and Neon Trees but now has a failing kidney. Help #FixTheFox and donate here:

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