LITerally Ep. 7 - Poet Floreate

Left to Right: Patrick Ramsay, Kase Johnstun, Sian Griffiths, Janica Johnstun, and Christina Miller

What is poetry and literature in Ogden? What should it be? Where should it go? Who should write it? Who should represent it?

All of these questions are answered on this podcast. First, we begin with an awesome discussion about the search for Ogden's Poet Laureate with Patrick Ramsay and Sian Griffiths, Phd. (accepting applications at until Oct. 1).

We move from there and talk with Janica Johnstun and Christina Miller about PoetFlow and what it means to and will continue to mean to the Ogden City Poetry Scene (and its one-year anniversary). Then we all get back together to talk about the state of the poetic voice in Ogden!

Some of my absolute favorite people joined me for this podcast!

Listen and share!

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