LITerally Ep. 1 - Siân Griffiths

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Siân Griffiths, author of Borrowed Horses (New Rivers Press, 2015) and Director of Creative Writing at Weber State University, our first guest on our soon-to-be famous podcast LITerally, joins us to talk about how it’s just as easy to not be an a**hole writer as it is to be one, and she chooses to not be.

While we do discuss literary pomposity – I used this word to be LITerally pompous – we talk about a lot more in this fun podcast that delves into the benefits of writing in a journal, the importance of literary citizenship, and how to dismiss advice from teachers and writers that just doesn’t work for you.

Griffiths begins the podcast by reading her flash fiction, “What is Solid” (Versal, 2007). 

Siân Griffiths, Author

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