Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood - Amir Jackson, Nurture the Creative Mind

Amir Jackson, Nurture the Creative Mind - Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood Podcast

Fate, and the below freezing air of North Dakota, gifted us with Amir Jackson and his ability to empower and inspire our community.  In 2007, after staging a hunger strike at a local coffee shop, Amir founded the non-profit organization ‘Nurture the Creative Mind,’ and with it, invested in our youth with the tools of creativity, education and character development.  8 years later, Amir and NCM have affected thousands of youth and have inspired them to be brave and explore new paths. 

Amir also put pianos on 25th Street.

It was an extreme honor for The Banyan Collective to sit down with Amir and listen to stories of his youth and his thoughts on  ‘innovation and creativity.’  After listening to Amir speak for an hour, we believe you’ll be as inspired as we are to become more involved in our community and excited to serve in Mr. Goodyear’s Neighborhood. 

Nurture the Creative Mind is celebrating its 8th Anniversary this Saturday, November 22nd from 6-10pm at Ogden’s Union Station.  $15 gets you all the food and drink you want (open bar) and lots of entertainment; 25 live acts and over 100 performers and art displays.  Ages 18 and under get in FREE.  All the ticket sale revenue will go to the Nurture the Creative Mind foundation.  Tickets and details at  

Banyan Host, John Wojciechowski with Amir Jackson on Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood

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