Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 274 - Muddy Rivers, Telemark, and Trash

J.T. Robinson (foreground) and Todd to the Top (background) SUP'ing Pineview Reservoir

Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 174 - Muddy Rivers, Telemark, and Trash - Life as a pro telemark skier (interview with Ogden local J.T. Robinson), floating the rarely floatable Muddy Creek in the San Rafael Swell, and the new alcohol ban at Pineview and Causey passes, but what about all that trash?! "So pitted," Weekly Happy, Ogden Film Festival, and an Outdoor Jukebox on this mostly impromptu episode of the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show! Enjoy!

INTERVIEW | J.T. Robinson - Former Pro-Telemark Skier, Entrepreneur, Ogden Local





TRIP REPORT | Muddy Creek, San Rafael Swell - Podcast Only

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As John Muir would say, “The Mountains are calling and we must go…”

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