Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood - Wolf Creek & HEL's Half Pound

Wolf Creek Owner John Lewis with MGN Host John Wojciechowski

Mr. Goodyear’s Neighborhood spans 5 miles east through Ogden Canyon and into beautiful Ogden Valley.  The options for outdoor recreation in Ogden Valley are vast and endless with three popular mountain resorts located within minutes of each other, a 200-acre reservoir and a one-of-a-kind 16% grade paved road all affectionately referred to as ‘HEL.’  We’ll get to that in a second, but at the center of it all is the Wolf Creek Resort with its famous 18-hole golf course, condos, homes and newly minted community gym.  Wolf Creek proprietor and long time resident, John Lewis, has his hands full maintaining the small town country feel of Ogden Valley’s three communities of Huntsville, Eden and Liberty (HEL) but also providing opportunities and amenities for HEL’s locals and visitors.  John very much needs to talk and act like the ‘Mayor of HEL.’  He has our vote. 

In this episode of Mr. Goodyear’s Neighborhood, we sit down with John Lewis and ask him some tough questions about building and developing in a Valley where tensions and tempers can get high and hot with the locals as they’re bombarded with recreationalists and other developers who don’t always have the community’s best interests as a priority.  No doubt about it, John is a family man who loves the community where he and his wife chose to raise their children and plan to continue to call home. 

John and Wolf Creek are supporting and embracing The Valley community in many ways.  When approached by a couple of local crazy brothers, Dave and Shane Martin, about hosting their half-marathon race up and down Powder Mountain road’s 16% grade, John was excited and eager to support the event.  The 3rd Annual ‘HEL’s Half Pound’ will start and end at Wolf Creek this August.  Dave and Shane share with us the inspiration and vision of HEL’s Half Pound and why the race is a rite of passage for any runner to be welcomed into HEL. 

It’s a fun interview and groundbreaking for The Banyan Collective as we’ve recorded podcasts before next to rivers, in the mountains, on the side of the road, in a garage and in a basement. We’ve even conducted interviews with our blood alcohol content over the legal limit, but this marks the first time we’ve recorded next to a room filled with women dressed in spandex doing something called ‘body pump.’  That’s right, you’ll want to listen to this one. 


Dave Martin & Shane Martin of HEL's Half Pound

John Lewis of Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek Gym Spin Room

Wolf Creek Gym 

Wolf Creek Group Exercise Room

Wolf Creek Gym Free Weights

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