Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood - Brandon & Todd, OOA Show Hosts Ep. 200.

Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show Hosts - Brandon Long and Todd to the Top

Adventure has always been a way of life in Ogden; adventure is the spirit of our little mountain town.  Adventure is the main theme of conversation at our gear shops, coffee houses and watering holes.  We’ll fish for an hour before church, skin up the mountain before the ski lifts open, sneak a trail run in on the BST during lunch then pedal home after work. But we needed a voice…we needed a hero! The fates allowed it and we got our Batman & Robin.  In 2010, a chance encounter occurred over a plate of mash potatoes at Grandma’s house between two like-minded media nerds and adventure junkies.  Alas, the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show was born. 

Brandon Long and Todd Oberndorfer had humble beginnings at Weber State’s campus radio station reporting the ‘adventure’ news with experts like Gear-Junkie-James and Trippy-Tressa, but fast forward 5 years and 200 Ogden Outdoor Adventure shows later and we have the media moguls we’re lucky to have today…the voices of Ogden outdoor adventure!  I was in attendance at Brandon & Todd’s 200th episode of the Ogden Outdoor Adventure show, graciously hosted by the GOAL Foundation, and chatted them up about the history of the show, their #1 fan and their quest for a podcasting Emmy.  It’s a 24 minute action packed interview of one-liners from Todd, reflections from Brandon and fact-checking from James and Tressa.  Thanks for the honor guys, here’s to 200 more episodes…Cheers!

2011 OOA Show Hosts - Gear Junky James, Todd to the Top, Host Brandon, and Trippy Tressa

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