Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood - Janes Merlin Dreamweaver

MGN Host John Wojciechowski with Janes Merlin Dreamweaver

‘If you don’t feel good, your dream sucks.’ I never heard truer words and they were uttered by a 29 year old Urban Adventurer Shaman by the name of Janes Merlin Dreamweaver.  You read that right, don’t adjust your screen…you have just entered the serendipitous world of Ogden’s most formidable healer. Like many of the people whom Janes has affected, we became acquainted with Janes due to good fortune and luck.  It was certainly fate that landed this dreamweaver into the hot seat of Mr. Goodyear’s Neighborhood.  As a university senior in Missouri and at the encouragement of his mother, Janes joined a sponsored trip to Moab, camping at a KOA with minimal provisions, which proved to be his most enlightening college experience.  Janes knew what he needed to be happy.

Janes Merlin landed at Weber State as the Fitness Coordinator and was the driving force behind the new gyms being built-out at the school. Janes handpicked Weber State because it’s one of the only universities in the country carved out into a mountain. It was here where Janes discovered his gift of healing people, but teaching fitness routines is only a small facet of mending the mind, body and spirit.  It was after leaving Weber State when this former hockey player and bodybuilder became Janes Merlin Dreamweaver. 

Janes is living the life of his dreams now, a simple and better life.  He’s also helping people discover what their dreams really are, getting their self-confidence back and becoming happier people. 

I know what’s going through your heads right now, we had the same thoughts after hearing Janes’ full name for the first time.  After listening to him speak, however, you’ll learn Janes is authentic and real, he shops at Costco like the rest of us, but he possesses some great ideas on realizing your gifts and passions.  No, we’re not going to follow him into the desert, call him ‘leader’ and pledge all our worldly wealth to him. Janes is just trying to get the best information out there. 

Enjoy this episode on MGN, we think it’s one you’ll want to listen to again and again. 

Brandon LongComment