Interview: Tom Kiely - XTERRA CEO

XTERRA CEO Tom Kiely with OOA Show Hosts Todd to the Top and Brandon Long

When XTERRA first came to Snowbasin, I thought, wow, this is a big deal. I had seen XTERRA on TV and of course heard of the Nissan vehicle, and really wanted to own one. I never thought I'd get the opportunity to sit down and share a beer with the head cheese who invented the brand in 1996 and remains the CEO today. 

Tom Kiely tells us how XTERRA began and how Ironman nearly beat him to the punch. He also chats about the move to Ogden and how well received the off-road triathlon is by our mountain town.

Thanks Tom for hanging out with us at Slackwater Pizzeria on the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show! Check out the interview here:

XTERRA CEO Tom Kiely on the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show!

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