Austin Hansel - IFSC Youth World Championships Climber

Youth Worlds Climbing Competitor Austin Hansel

It's not the Olympics, but it's just as important to local Ogden climber, Austin Hansel, who qualified for the IFSC World Youth Championships in New Caledonia. We've been following Austin for the last couple years and his growth in the sport of bouldering and speed climbing is not just respectful, but darn right crazy inspirational. He's only been climbing 4 years and he's qualified for World's!! Congrat's Austin! 

Because Worlds is on an island in a place most can't find on a map, the financial burden is hefty. Even $5 will help. Please visit Austin's Go Fund Me account here and help support local talent:

Austin Hansel Climbing in Maple Canyon - Photo via Austin Hansel's Facebook Page

Austin Hansel gym climbing - Photo via Austin Hansel's Facebook Page