Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 195 - Ogden Marathon Preview

Jeff and Barbara Galloway with OOA Hosts R. Brandon Long, Todd to the Top, and John Wojciechowski

Celebrating the 15th annual Zions Bank Ogden Marathon, Olympian, coach, and author Jeff Galloway sits down with us to share his experiences and tips on running. Also joining us is Striders Running owner John Wojciechowski who divulges when to carb load in order to avoid hitting the port-a-johns in an untimely manner.

Jeff Galloway

Running legend and creator of the run-walk-run method of training and running races, Jeff Galloway, joined us for an insightful interview beginning with his implausible 1972 Olympic team appearance. 

Jeff divulged the origin of the run-walk-run method, delivered race tips, rain advice, and thoughts on minimal shoes. We also received insight into Barbara Galloway's Shuffle playlist - important stuff. 

Jeff is not only passionate about coaching and running, but he loves returning year after year to the Ogden Marathon to show his support. Gather your questions because Jeff will be available during packet pickup to deliver last minute tips and strategies for Saturday's race. 

Enjoy the podcast and good luck runners!