Brad Petersen - Utah Director of Outdoor Recreation

Brad Peterson - Utah Director of Outdoor Recreation

That day when you get offered an opportunity to be the Director of Outdoor Recreation in Utah, yeah, that would be awesome! Brad Petersen is the first ever outdoor recreation director in any state. The job sounds amazing, but Petersen admits to wearing a suit the majority of the time.

This interview sheds light on Petersen's busy day-to-day operations of balancing desires of the outdoor community with the politics of the legislature. Petersen also chats about tourism and tax revenue, how Ogden stacks up in the outdoor industry, cycling and traveling the world with Mayor Caldwell, the importance of raising outdoorsy kids, and much more. 

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We could of spent hours getting to know more about Brad Petersen and his efforts as the director of Outdoor Recreation. We're hoping to have Petersen back on the podcast soon.