Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show Episode 200 - GOAAAAALL!!

OOA Show 200th Episode Family 

We made it!! Five years and 200 Episodes later, The Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show charges on. Thank you to everyone who has supported the show in it's various forms over the years. In this 200th Ep., John Wojciechowski, host of Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood, interviews Todd to the Top and myself, Host Brandon, about the shows roots, influences, and future. Thanks John! 

Followed by an interview with surging local lifestyle brand AndShesDopeToo. Empowering women in the outdoors, ASDT is a grassroots, cause based, community driven, active lifestyle brand who just so happens to kill it on Instagram. Follow @AndShesDopeToo.

Ep. 200 includes a GEAR JUNKIE JAMES segment, and the return of TRIPPY TRESSA!! Our two favorite original co-hosts who no longer co-host. :) Wish we had them on the show weekly. Stoked they both made the 200th Episode. Thank you James and Tressa for your dedication to the show over the years, and for daring to dive in at the beginning of OOA. 

We mix in some NEWS and EVENTS along with an impromptu BEER segment, you know, because. 

Thank you to The GOAL Foundation for hosting our 200th Episode! Also, thank you to Slackwater Pizza for the eats and refreshments!

Finally, shout out to the best podcast co-host in all the land, TODD TO THE TOP, who believed in the OOA dream from the beginning. Thanks Todd, you rule! 200 episodes would not of happened without you. Let's charge to 200 more! 

Todd to the Top produced this limited edition screen print poster for Ep. 200. 

Again, thank you to all our fans and supporters over the last 5 years. Thank you to Tiffany and Scott Rodrock for our surprise 200th Ep. cake which Todd and I embarrassed ourselves by feeding each other, aka newlywed style. That was awesome.

A special thanks goes out to my Mom, who has either listened to, or watched every podcast live - with the exception of our 200th, of course. As London Pope, life-long friend, and new host of our opening show, Bug Huckers, said, "Linda's been to 199 shows, I guess she's earned the right not to be at 200." I think there was an F-word in there somewhere, but it went something like that. Missed you at the show Mom. Sorry you couldn't be there. Hope you enjoy the podcast. 

Cheers and Beers to all,

R. Brandon Long - Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show Host

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