Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 204 - Blue Moon

OOA Crew: Todd to the Top, Gear Junky James, and R. Brandon Long

After a string of quality guests from Miss Rodeo Ogden, now Miss Utah, to The Ogden Bike Collective, Ogden Nature Center, and Ogden Farmer's Market, we're back to a good ol' fashioned OOA Show with in-depth adventure news, local outdoor events, and a gear segment with our own Gear Junky James breaking down a couple 2-person tents he's used this summer. 

We give you something worth watching, something worth reading, and the occasional laugh in this light-hearted episode recorded before the rare Blue Moon.  Listen here or on iTunes.

Todd to the Top

Gear Junky James and Host R. Brandon Long


 “If at first you don’t succeed, you’re running about average.” - M.H. Anderson

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Timeless – Airborne Toxic Event

As John Muir would say, “The Mountains are calling and we must go…” 

Gear Junky James doesn't need headphones. He uses telepathy. 

Pushing buttons, moving sliders, acting pro. 

Todd to the Top podcasting down by the Ogden River at Slackwater.

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