Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 228 - LIVE from Banff Film Tour

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour at Peery's Egyptian Theater

LIVE from the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour at Peery's Egyptian TheaterInterviews include Peery's Egyptian Theater Sales and Marketing Director, Ross Reeder; Ogden Valley Winter Sports Foundation Advisory Board Member and Banff Film Organizer, Jan Larsen; and Official Banff Road Warrior, Charla Tomlinson.

Saturday night SOLD OUT! Sunday is close to selling out. If you would like to go, arrive early or call the theater for ticket availability. If both nights sell out for a couple year's in a row, organizers will begin considering opening a third night of films. So, spread the word, tell friends and family, or make it a late Valentines Night idea and let's sell out Sunday night! 


  • 8:03 - Ross Reeder - Peery's Sales & Marketing
  • 17:14 - Jan Larsen - Banff Film Organizer
  • 22:17 - Charla Tomlinson - Banff Road Warrior

Mentioned in this podcast but not included, is our interview with Snow Artist Simon Beck. Simon is calling for volunteers to help him with shading his ephemeral geometric snnowshoe drawings. Visit the GOAL Foundation for volunteer information.

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