Clint Watson - Ogden Bike Collective & Winter Bike Benefit

The Ogden Bike Collective

Thunder snow brought a return to winter as we drove to the Ogden Bike Collective to chat with Clint Watson. Open for about a year now, the new location of the Bike Collective at 936 28th Street in Ogden is officially dedicating the new digs this Saturday, February 20th. $5 gets you in the door with a beverage and a raffle ticket. Proceeds help fund the Bike Collective programs. 

Not everyone can afford a $10K+ full suspension mountain slayer. Hell, most people have difficulty throwing down more than a couple grand for a nice two-wheel ride. But, local shops have that customer pretty well covered. The Ogden Bike Collective offers bikes from $50-$500 for those who may either be new to the sport, too cheap to spend more, or on a respectable budget. 

Some bikes are even free. For those identified through local services as in need, the Bike Collective keeps an inventory of bikes specifically for those who qualify. 

Looking for a solid kids bike? With over 200 kid specific bikes on hand, the Bike Collective may be your best choice. 

Take advantage of the ridiculously cheap $5 a month 'membership' for unlimited access to work benches. Tune your ride anytime. Ask for assistance from the experienced and qualified mechanics, and keep your bike in top riding condition. 

Drop off repairs are not accepted, as the Collective is a full service shop with you learning the work. In fact, Clint suggests Ogden may be adding a plethora of bike jobs soon and his free 8-week apprenticeship may be your best option to take advantage of the growing Ogden bicycle industry. 

Help support the Bike Collective, and attend the Winter Bike Benefit this Saturday. Arrive early for free Fat Bike demos. Remember to put the Annual Bike Swap on your calendar coming up on May 7th. 

More info on the Winter Bike Benefit:

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