Mark Benigni & Rod Kramer - Weber Pathways

Rod Kramer (left) & Mark Benigini (right) inside #TanVan on the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show

On a mission to plan, promote, construct, and protect non-motorized trails and related open-spaces in Weber County, Weber Pathways is a cornerstone to the outdoor lifestyle we all enjoy in this community. Hard at work ensuring the mission is carried out is Mark Benigni, and Rod Kramer. As Weber Pathway's only two full-time employees, Mark and Rod rely heavily on volunteers to help with trail maintenance and construction. To get involved, join this group: It's free. And, you'll always know when and how to help with trail projects and river clean-ups. 

Mark and Rod joined us on the OOA Show to chat about trail modernization projects, the dangers of invasive weeds, an update on the Ogden Canyon Road and Trail Study, and new trails including the Pineview Loop and Wolf Creek to Eden Trail. 

As a Non-Profit, Weber Pathways relies on the charitable contributions of our community. Please consider donating to Weber Pathways and help keep our trails in top condition! Donate Here:

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