Van Sessions - Canyons

#VanSessions Season 1, Episode 2 - Canyons

Set List:

  • 1:00 Once
  • 7:40 Pages
  • 19:05 January
  • 31:25 Solitary Trees

Ohio, Texas, Florida, and now Utah, Canyons is an eclectic blend of Folk and Funk on a mission to make music that makes you want to feel.

Can substance prevail? What makes a good story? How does Friendly Home Evening break down walls and inspire bands to convene, collaborate, and conquer? Canyons provides answers and insights.   

Look for Canyons new EP Release in Ogden - One Night Only at the Lighthouse Lounge "Sometimes Late at Night" - Limited Edition Release 12" Vinyl with 4 tracks. Many signed. And, guest musicians on the album.

"Canyons is not a band, it's a lifestyle."

Brandon LongComment