Van Sessions - Salduro

#VanSessions - Salduro in the Van

Straight out of Logan, Salduro describes their sound as self-destructive desert art rock for your discriminating tastes. And if you're not sure what that means, well, have a listen. We loved hearing about the Logan music scene, or lack thereof, and how local bands reach out through the internet and social media to be heard outside of a small town. 

And, we play 5 questions:

  1. Ice Cream or Cake
  2. Rap or Country
  3. Mountains or Desert
  4. Favorite Element
  5. Pet Dragon or Unicorn


Vox, Guitar: Lyndi Perry
Bass guitar: Tim Sparrow
Drums: Tony Sparrow

Set List

  • 1:08  Strawberry Fields
  • 11:40 Carefull Sweetheart
  • 21:25 Fox Prints in the Snow
  • 30:20 Dragon Man
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