Bug Huckers Ep. 3 - My Cousin Broke My Fly Rod

Guess what my fishy friends?  Manly Danny is back!  His new dad sabbatical is over and the show is in full force. Listen in as we discuss small creeks, mobile fishing apps, warm water conditions and the importance of stealth and making every cast count.  We're happy to be back and it shows.  So, listen up.... It's our best show yet!

Featured Segments:

  • 2:45 -  My Cousin Broke My Fly Rod (He Wasn't Even Fishing)
  • 5:47 -  Put the Peacock Back in the Box
  • 8:19 -  Trout Unlimited Fish Ladder Update
  • 14:27 - I Caught a Fish with a Drone
  • 16:30 - Golden Eagle Takes a Fly
  • 18:13 - FishBrain Fishing Forecast App (Tested)
  • 25:05 - Warm Water Temps Make for Difficult Fishing (Stressing Fish)
  • 29:50 - Danny's Guide Report - Provo River to Uinta's Bounce Rig Fiasco
  • 39:00 - How to Configure Your Bounce Rig - Things to Consider
  • 46:26 Wah Wah Wah Water Flows Update

Danny Josephson, Owner - Cranefly Fishing Company

London Pope - Bug Huckers Host 

Brandon LongComment