Bug Huckers Ep. 4 - I Guess We Named Him Dinner

Danny's been slamming the Provo, an online fly-fishing museum proves ladies have out fished men for 600 years, and some tact should be used when begging to fish private water. A Stealthy approach and cast could be your secret weapon, and an update on water flows and local fishing reports rounds out Ep. 4 - Check it out!

  • :48        I Guess We Named Him Dinner
  • 4:12       Fly Fishing History 1
  • 9:48      American Museum of Fly Fishing Online Exhibit
  • 12:55     Fish Brain App Review Update
  • 18:06    Permissions - How to ask a private property owner for fishing access
  • 22:54    Stealth - Approach
  • 32:00   Stealth - Cast
  • 34:00   Regional Water Flow & Fish Report

Danny Josephson - Cranefly Fishing Company

London Pope - Bug Huckers Host

The Banyan Collective Podcasts
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