Bug Huckers Ep. 10 - Trout Unlimited & New Water

Grant Weaver with his Kokanee Salmon friend.

Episode 10 features Weber Basin Anglers Trout Unlimited head honcho, Cole Larsen on the upcoming September 10th Trout in the Classroom fundraising banquet. For those interested in joining WBA Trout Unlimited monthly meetings, they are scheduled at Smitty’s Tire and Service on the second Tuesday of each month, 6:15pm.

Weber Basin Anglers Trout in the Classroom Banquet Fundraiser: 

  • Saturday, September 10 at 6pm
  • Timbermine Steak House, Ogden
  • $50 | Buy tickets at ticketriver.com
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Also, tips and tricks when jumping on new water so you don't waste your day. Fly fishing etiquette - It's not taught, but it should be. Oh, and Ben hooked a carp in the butt and was nearly killed by a moose - unrelated stories, both good. 

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