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Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 184 - Climb On!

New year, new Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show! Podcasting live from The Front Climbing Gym in downtown Ogden, our 184th OOA Show Episode includes an interview with The Front GM, Shad Burnham, who is currently prepping new walls for the weekend's ABS Divisional Comp and next weekend's Sendolution Grand Opening Party!

John Wojciechowski from Striders Running, and host of the Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood Podcast, sits in for Todd to the Top who is getting artsy in NYC. John brought Davis High Track and Field coaches Corbin Talley and Brad Anderson along to chat about the year's accomplishments.

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Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 182 - Crossroads

Interview: Derek Bowles – Crossroads Academy 

Many of us in Ogden recognize Crossroads as a skate shop and indoor park, and that it is, but it's also a way for youth to work on accessing their FLOW as a means to recovering from addictions. Derek Bowles, Program Director and Primary Therapist for Crossroads sits down with us to discuss how they use sports like snowboarding, rock climbing, wakeboarding, and skateboarding to ensure kids working through recovery are successful. 


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