Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 215 - Antelope Island

The Great Salt Lake as seen from Antelope Island State Park

Continuing our Trailhead Series, we headed out to one of Utah's most spectacular natural resources, Antelope Island. So close, but feeling so far away with a variety of wildlife, panoramic views, and over 50 miles of trails, Antelope Island is a non-hidden, but underutilized gem. 

Utah Department of Natural Resources representative and Naturalist for the Island, Wendy Wilson, hiked with us on an unmapped buffalo trail to a scenic overlook. The North end of the island is open to public exploration, and visitors can basically hike anywhere they like. Once on the South end of the Island however, maintaining proper trail manners is expected. 

Wendy provided interesting Island history, a wildlife run-down, as well as information on upcoming events, and camping. Wendy also cleared the air on the Island's funky smell, or lack thereof. Finally, Wendy explained the benefits of the Great Salt Lake to the recreational community, commerce, bird migration, and air quality. 

The Great Salt Lake is near its all time low. Why should you care? Environmental reporter for the Standard Examiner, Leia Larsen explains: http://www.standard.net/Environment/2015/10/11/We-re-losing-the-Great-Salt-Lake-Here-s-why-you-should-care.html

Utah Division of Natural Resources & Antelope Island Resident Naturalist, Wendy Wilson


Hiking an unmarked Buffalo trail on Antelope Island

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