Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 213 - Ben Lomond Trail

Ogden from the Ben Lomond Saddle

Continuing the trailhead series, this episode was recorded at the base of the Ben Lomond Trail in North Fork Park. We hiked over 11 miles to the saddle and back with Ogden Nature Center's Brandi Bosworth. Then in our post 5-hour hike recovery state we interviewed Brandi about her passion for the outdoors and how growing up on the North Ogden bench played a strong part of her appreciation for nature and open space. 

Brandi keeps activities flowing through the Ogden Nature Center, and one of our favorite events, the Creatures of the Night is this coming weekend, Oct. 9th and 10th. Brandi elaborates on the event in this interview, as well as reminding us why the Nature Center is such a fun and vital organization for Ogden.

Brandi with the Ogden Nature Center explaining different types of flowers to Todd to the Top

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View from the start of the Ben Lomond Trail


 “Triumph often is nearest when defeat seems inescapable.” – B.C. Forbes

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