Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 190 - Buffalo Run Packet Pick Up Interviews

Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 190 from Striders Running in Layton, Utah

Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 190 - Buffalo Run (Full Episode)

The 2015 Buffalo Run is in the books! It was the 10th year for Jim Skaggs and his crew, of which includes his lovely bride, Karen, producing this amazing menu of race distances out on the trails of Antlelope Island.  In 2006, the Buffalo Run featured only the 25K and 50K and garnered 150 runners total.  At last weekend’s Buffalo Run, 10 years later, Antelope Island hosted over 850 runners in the 100-mile, 50-mile, 50K or 25K-race distance.  Congratulations, Jim and Karen!

Runners from all over the world come to run the Buffalo Run in March, making the packet pick-up preceding the race part family reunion and part meet and greet peppered with a party time atmosphere.  The Ogden Outdoor Adventure show made its way to Layton to set up studio at Striders Running where we hoped to join the celebration before the big run, interview some cool runners and attempt to figure out why the Buffalo Run is the premier trail running ‘festival’ in the country.

Good thing we were strapped in and ready for this one because we got a little bit of everything in episode 190 of The Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show.  Check it out:

We kicked the afternoon of interviews off with ultra running Goddess and ‘cougar,’ Julie Pierce.  Julie wasn’t even at Striders for the Buffalo Run, although she’s run the races several times and was on the original organizing committee.  But no, Julie was shopping for long pants to protect her legs from the razor sharp brush she’ll be encountering at the Barkley Marathons next weekend along the Appalachian mountain range in Tennessee.  Barkley is just an insane and demented ‘race’ for the insane and demented, and Julie is that but she’s also fearless and tough as hell.  You’re going to love our chat with her.

Pam Reed ranks as one of the most accomplished ultra runners in the world with finishes in all the major ultra events and still holds the women’s American record in a 24 hour timed run on a quarter mile track – 139 miles!  Pam stays competitive even into her 50’s and lives by her own mantra ‘the hardest things are the most memorable.’ Pam was very gracious and agreed to talk to us before running the Buffalo Run 50K the next morning.  Pam is legend; we were nervous and humbled with her interview. 

Annie & Brad MacDonald were runners before they met on Tinder, but their 6 month marriage has been nothing but adventure.  They wed and honeymooned in Iceland, climbed a ton of mountains over there and are keeping the honeymoon alive with a Buffalo Run adventure.  Annie is a Bairgutsman freak…we wish Brad all the luck on keeping up with this one.  Conquer Thyself! 

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Dave Moore and Tom Wolfe are Buffalo Run veterans and as all runners who run Buffalo do, have befriended Jim.  You hang out with Jim Skaggs long enough, you’re going to end up at Striders for a 10 hour shift managing packet pick-up for 800 nervous runners.  They do it for their love of Jim and the need for a really cool coffee mug.  Dave and Tom were great as they got into the hot seats and gave us some insight as a volunteer for the Buffalo Run and some of the common questions and concerns runners have when they pick up their stuff for the race.  Dave and Tom both ran ultra versions of the Buffalo Run this year, and after the time they spent helping runners before the race, were able to recite most of their names as they ran with the competitors on race day. 

Marty Harward has run every race distance of the Buffalo Run…all of them, the 100 mile, 50 mile, 50K and 25K.  I’m not sure there’s anybody else who can make that claim.  If anybody knows the Buffalo Run as a competitor, it’s Marty.  Marty admits to suffering from Race FOMO, hopefully someday there will be a cure for his affliction, but in the meantime I’m sure he’ll continue to register for snowshoe races in 55 degree temperatures.  Take a listen to figure out what the heck we’re talking about.  Marty is hilarious. 

Colleen Ford and Lori Pratt-Smith were good sports considering they were forced to come on the show, but these running friends know how to get the best out of one another on the trails.  Did you know there’s a trail called the Flying Dog Trail in Sumit County?  Anyway, it was like pulling teeth but we finally got what we needed from these two, conformation that Colleen is the queen of the Wasatch 100 with 13 finishes and with her 14th potential finish this year, will make her the first female to reach that mark.  Colleen and Lori both conquered the Buffalo Run 50 miler this year, we’re gonna have to check the results to see which one won by a half a second. 

Darren and Jennifer Koldewyn have been honeymooning for 20 years, and 4 kids later, they still find the time to run together.  When I say run, I mean they run 50 milers together on Antelope Island.  Jennifer is actually the 2008 female Buffalo Run 25K champion and anxious to make her mark on the 50 mile course this year.  Darren is a two time finisher at the Wasatch 100 and on any other year, 50 miles on Antelope Island wouldn’t be a big deal for him, but after being sick all winter with pneumonia, he’s going to have his work cut out for him.  Darren and Jennifer love each other, even the night before a big race when they’re stressed and anxious and trying to figure out what’s for dinner. 

Kristin Wojciechowski and Brittney Atkin work at Striders, Kristin as you know runs the joint.  They help the Buffalo runners with their needs and final requests before race day while at the same time try to mitigate John Wojciechowski’s screw-ups, constant chattiness and inability to run the cash register.  Kristin and Brittney talk A LOT of sh*t on John and are funny as hell…or are they being serious? 

The grand finale is our interview with the man of the hour, Buffalo Run RD, Jim Skaggs.  Jim is in full Motorolla race director mode, taking calls, talking on the radio and basically managing the 100 mile race as we’re conducting our interview…it’s pretty awesome actually!  Jim gives us his best advice for Buffalo runners, such as ‘don’t die’ and ‘no selfies with the buffalo,’ but with 854 runners, sometimes you have to point out the obvious.  Jim was actually really relaxed, and why not, after all he had the Wasatch Mountain Wranglers managing his busiest aid station. Time to kick back, crack a home brew and partake of it in the newly minted Buffalo Run mug manufactured by hand in the exotic land of Park City.  Nicely done, Jim. Nicely done. 

R. Brandon Long, OOA Show Host

Julie Pierce, Barkley Marathon Runner

Pam Reed, Ultra Running Legend and Race Director

Annie & Brad MacDonald, Newlywed Ultra Runners

Todd to the Top, OOA Show co-host

Todd to the Top, OOA Show co-host

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