Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 231 - Meadows Snowshoe

First OOA Show using the Goal Zero Yeti 400 - On location at Snowbasin

TanVan broke down on our way to hike Wheeler's Canyon and Icebox this week so we can't give an update on those particular trail conditions. We can tell you the Ogden River is flowing nicely and it's not the worst place to spend an afternoon - in a van, down by the river.

We're a week behind on posting this episode, so it's probably good the Van granted us a week off to catch up. Directly after last week's show, we recorded #VanSessions - check the front cover of the Ogden Source.

On Saturday and Sunday I emcee'd the Voile Wasatch Powder Keg at Brighton. Sunday's race was cancelled however after multiple course reroutes because of white-out conditions and high winds. Winter returned that early morning forcing racers in onesies with featherlight skis, harnesses, ascenders, and a mandatory four-layers to wait until next year to best their tandem ski-mountaineering PR's. Overall, Powder Keg is a rad event, and the organizers are top notch. Racer's from ages 9-57 competed. If you're touring on fat planks, the Heavy Metal division is for you. Consider entering next year's race, you'll be glad you did.





 “Your wealth is where your friends are.” - Plautus

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As John Muir would say, “The Mountains are calling and we must go…” 

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