Bug Huckers Ep. 1 - Division of Wildlife Resources


Bug Huckers has put together a full length episode to further expand your Bug Hucking experience.  It's a good thing we had the full hour because we have a lot of invaluable information about the Division of Wildlife Resources' Walk-In-Access program.  With so much of Utah's fishable waters on private property and having to share the available public access with tubers and the like a congestion free fishing hole can be hard to come by. 

On this episode Danny and I sit down with Clint Brunson from the Utah DWR.  Clint explains the ins and outs of the Walk-In-Access program and tells us how it provides Utah's fly fishers with an opportunity to catch fish on select sections of private water dedicated specifically to the outdoor gamesman.  So, listen in and learn where to find your next Bug Hucking adventure.

Brandon LongComment