Pete Rasmussen - Sandhill Farms, Mountain Grown Produce

Pete Rasmussen and son. 

Pete Rasmussen runs a small 2-acre farm, Sandhill Farms, specializing in greens and roots: spinach, kale, arugula, garlic carrots and beets for example.  It’s located on Gersten Bay in Ogden Valley.  Pete farms by hand and provides fresh produce to markets, restaurants and also offers community supported agriculture (CSA) to locals.  Pete’s garlic and arugula crops are highlights on the Table & Tavern menu. 

We drank some beer and ate some raw purple garlic Pete gave us, the best we’ve ever had!  Did you know garlic is planted in October and harvested the next July?  It grows in the ground for 9 months then hung and cured for 2 more months.  Planting and harvesting garlic is a party…Garlictica! 

Water is gold in Ogden Valley; Pete’s farm and the Summit Group have been able to work together and have an open discussion about water and Summit’s plans to develop land in the valley.  We had a great chat with Pete and certainly loved the great treats he shared with us.

Brandon LongComment