Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood Special - Weber Pathways, Beyond the Trails

Right to Left: Greg Scothern, Weber Pathways Chair; Mark Benigni, Weber Pathways Executive Director; R. Brandon Long, The Banyan Collective Producer

An in-depth conversation with those who advocate, promote, protect, maintain, and use our local trails: Weber Pathways

Weber Pathways started as a non-profit organization in 1995 in an effort to build a trail through Ogden Canyon.  21 years later, 'Pathways' is still perpetually working on a solution with property owners and governmental agencies for pedestrians and bikes to travel safely through the canyon. 

In that time, however, Pathways has created 58 miles of trails and preserved 320 acres of open space, connecting Weber County's communities with non-motorized trails. The trail system in Weber County offers a lifestyle to its residents that communities across the nation would love to duplicate; riders, runners and hikers can tap into any trailhead in the county and travel for miles in any direction with easy access to our homes, businesses and families.  What a deal, right? 

Mark, Rod and their 25 member board make it all happen on an annual budget that sometimes makes it hard to make ends meet.  In this episode of Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood, we sit down with Weber Pathways and go deep into their history, legacy and ask the hard questions regarding their future.  

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