Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 254 - LIVE From Snowbasin Beer Fest

Wojo and Todd to the Top getting Beer ready at the 4th Annual Snowbasin Beer Fest

Podcast Interview Breakdown:

From uber local brews, to out-of-state breweries, there was a wide representation of quality beers and we had the pleasure of drinking and chatting with some of the reps, beer makers, marketing managers, Snowbasin employees, and even a random Beer Fest attendee. Good times were had, and Snowbasin is repeating the fun again for a second day! Head on up to the resort, imbibe a little, enjoy live music, and have a blast.

Thanks so much to Snowbasin for having us be a part of the fun, and to all our guests who sat down with us for this podcast.

We'll post the individual interviews as we get them broke out. In the mean time, use the handy dandy schedule reference on the left to jump to a specific interview. Or, this may be weird, but you could grab your fave brew, kick back and enjoy the whole 2 hours. 

Cheers and Beers!!

Full Podcast Interview Breakdown:

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