Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood - Kate Bideaux, Boys & Girls Club

As we highlighted the Even Stevens community non-profit partners, first up in the hot seat was Kate Bideaux, the Executive Director of the Weber/Davis Boys & Girls Club

Kate came to Ogden by way of the mean streets that make up Chicago’s south side. Kate has a long history with the Boys & Girls Club.  Years ago, the local Boys & Girls Club in Chicago provided Kate’s father the opportunity to attend college, which offered opportunities that would have been impossible otherwise. 

The Boys & Girls Club was a safe place for Kate to go after school and helped her develop self-esteem and the life skills essential to success.  Just like most adults who grew up in a Boys & Girls program, Kate grew up and is giving back to the organization that provided a stable foundation for her family. 

Tune in as Kate tells us her story of the Boys & Girls Club, and how the Weber/Davis Club has grown into 7 locations after starting in a small facility at the old Iomega campus in Roy.  The Boys & Girls Clubs are in the business of establishing a culture of building relationships.  As Kate explains, these investments in relationships continue to pay dividends generation after generation.

Brandon LongComment