Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood - LIVE with Bill Allred

Just the Teaser, but pretty damn funny...

Bill Allred, the Prime Minister of radio and the voice of Utah’s counter culture, was Ogden’s guest of honor in this episode of The Banyan Collective’s, Mr. Goodyear’s Neighborhood podcast. 

It was a party on the boulevard with Roosters Brewing serving up a special dish for Bill at GOAL Foundation headquarters.  It was a full house with the ‘who’s who’ of Ogden stopping by to listen in as Mayor Mike Caldwell welcomes Bill back to O-Town.  Bill was on point with stories of his youth, dragging the ‘Vard’ and the state of his mental health while growing up in this mountain town. 

Bill looked great!  He’s fit, he has a new knee and a haircut that would make any missionary proud.  Bill was a great sport as we shot gunned questions at him about pop-culture and the new Star Wars movie, what his 10 year plan is and oh yeah, would you like to sleep in the Tan Van and help Brandon MC the Ogden Marathon starting line? 

As the party settled down and the cleanup began, Bill said some very sweet things about his family and his loyalty to X96 Radio from Hell co-hosts, Kerry Jackson and Gina Barberi. It was during these final touching moments we learn Bill understands John’s man-crush with Eddie Vedder and he would like Peter Dinklage to play the role of ‘Bill’ is a biopic about Ralph William Allred. 

Thank you, Bill!  It was an honor and we can’t wait to do it again.

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